Foto: Henry Ries

Berlin Airlift 2.0

If you can’t make it to us, we’ll make it to you!

The worst seems to be over. Nevertheless, many restrictions will stay in place for some time. Meanwhile, you won’t have to give up on socializing, your zest for life, or helpful support since we will keep making it to your house.

That way everyone – regardless of age or location – is given the chance to take part in restricted activities such as going to the gym, acquiring new language skills, learning to play a musical instrument, making music together, or seeking help to get rid of worries and tension.

And what is best: once restrictions will have been lifted, you may come around and see us in person because we are all real human beings; just like you.

Our digital airlift will continue to exist for all those who consider the distance to us as inconvenient or cumbersome.

Everything is possible. Chin up! We are on your side.

Online music lessons live

Pain relief, mobilisation and bodywork therapy

German and other foreign languages

Yoga-Workout, Pregnant & Mother-Baby-Yoga

Crisis intervention

Making music at home

Digital Brassbands

Musical offers for kids and families

Pilates and Personal Training